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  Saturday, (95/11/02)    (2016/01/21), at 9:15 AM

  Babak Ghadiri

  A Distributed Access Control System for Time Series Data Stored in NoSQL Databases

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  Saturday, (95/11/16)    (2016/02/02), at 9:15 AM

  Somayeh Dolatnezhad

  An introduction to verifiable computations

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  Saturday, (95/10/04)    (2016/12/22), at 9:15 AM

  Saeed Naseri

  Security in Database Outsourcing

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  Saturday, (95/10/11)    (2016/12/31), at 9:15 AM

  Dr. Sadegh Dorri

  Some Notes About Evaluating Computer Systems Using Simulation/p>

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  Saturday, (95/10/18)    (2017/01/07), at 9:15 AM

  Zeynab Salehi

  An Encrypted Traffic Analysis Method in LTE Network

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  Saturday, (95/10/25)    (2017/01/14), at 9:15 AM

  Rouhollah Mahfouzi

  Intrusion-Damage Assessment and Mitigation in Cyber-Physical Systems for Control Applications

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  Saturday, (95/09/20)    (2016/12/10), at 9:15 AM

  Morteza Noferesti

  The vocabulary of High Performance Analysis

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  Saturday, (95/08/01)    (2016/10/22), at 9:15 AM

  Dr Behnam Sattarzadeh

  Type-based Modeling and Analysis of Authentication in the Presence of Insider Attacks Protocols

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  Saturday, (95/08/08)    (2016/10/29), at 9:15 AM

  Dr Alireza Nowroozi

  The introduction of cyber-physical systems and their relation with the security

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  Saturday, (95/08/15)    (2016/11/05), at 9:15 AM

  Ahmad Boorghany

  Mounting Side-Channel Attacks to Lattice-Based Schemes Implemented on Smart Cards

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  Saturday, (95/07/03)    (2016/09/24), at 9:15 AM

  Ramtin Bagheri

  A Survey of Computation Integrity Approaches in MapReduce Model

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  Saturday, (95/07/17)    (2016/10/08), at 9:15 AM

  Amir Mohammadzadeh Lajevardi

  Explain Reverse Engineering of Some Problems

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  Saturday, (95/06/06)    (2016/08/27), at 9:15 AM

  Javad Gharehchamani

  Encryption Aware Query Processing for Data Outsourcing

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  Saturday, (95/06/13)    (2016/09/03), at 9:15 AM

  Abolfazl Zargar

  Malicious Network Flow Detection based on Behavioral Characteristics of Users

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  Saturday, (95/06/27)    (2016/09/17), at 9:15 AM

  Alireza Ebrahimi

  A survey on protocol parsing applications in policy enforcement

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  Saturday, (95/05/02)    (2016/07/23), at 9:15 AM

  Mahya Maftouni

  Secure Multiparty Computations and Its Applications in Privacy Preserving Data Mining

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  Saturday, (95/05/16)    (2016/08/06), at 9:15 AM

  Seyyed Amir mahdi Sadeghzadeh

  Network Traffic Classification in Presence of Concept Drift

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  Saturday, (95/05/23)    (2016/08/13), at 9:15 AM

  Majid Salehi

  A survey on modern malware detection approaches in Android OS

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  Saturday, (95/04/12)    (2016/07/02), at 9:15 AM

  Hossein Amini

  Detection of mobile network attacks using alert correlation approaches

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  Saturday, (95/03/01)    (2016/05/21), at 9:15 AM

  Mohammad Aghamir MohammadAli

  Intel Software Guard Extensions(Intel SGX)

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  Saturday, (95/03/08)    (2016/05/28), at 9:15 AM

  Behnam Momeni

  Indistinguishability Obfuscation: Definition, Construction, Security, and Applications

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  Saturday, (95/02/18)    (2016/04/16), at 9:15 AM

  Solmaz Salimi

  An Introduction to Security of Hypervisors in Cloud Computing Servers

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  Saturday, (95/01/28)    (2016/04/16), at 9:15 AM

  Nima Nikjoo Tabrizi

  Overview of Software Obfuscation Techniques

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  Saturday, (95/01/14)    (2016/04/02), at 9:15 AM

  Dr. Naser Ezzati

  How "Big Data" Changes Our Life...?

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